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Saint George's Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas

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To all who come through our doors….

Welcome to St. George’s Church

If you are curious, look for answers here.

If you have been hurt, look for comfort here.

If you are joyous, look for us to join you in song.

If you are overwhelmed, look for peace.

If you are enthusiastic, come praise with us.

If you are energetic, join us in service to God’s world.

If you don’t fit in, see if there’s a place for you here.

If you are lonely, look for companionship.

If you seek quiet, you can be still among us.

If you love God, find others who want to share that love with you.

If you don’t much like God, take a look from a different point of view.

In all these ways and more,
we invite you to join us,
and write a chapter or a volume
of your story in our family.

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